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"Pam is a PHENOMENAL doula. She is everything and more. She was able to take me in approximately 3 weeks before my due date (I had unexpected hardships during my pregnancy, and realized I needed a support person). This was my second baby, I had a 2 year old to care for as well. Pam had me feel safe, comfortable, and protected. She advocated for my needs, supported my husband (especially when he saw needles, as he gets light headed). I was once skeptical wondering if a doula was necessary for a delivery. I am a now a firm believer that yes, doula's are worth having for every birth.  Pam also  supported me postpartum.  I experienced postpartum blues ,  Pam also helped/reassured me with breastfeeding and my positioning. Pam even brought thoughtful gifts for myself, my husband, my newborn daughter and toddler son. I will always recommend Pam to anyone having a baby. She is kind, patient , a fellow experienced mom who gets it. Thank you Pam from the bottom of our hearts, thank you . :)"

-Lisa B.

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